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Home Security Tips

One out of ten homes will be burglarized this year. For a small amount of time and money you can make your home or business more secure and reduce your chances of being a victim. One home is burglarized every 13 seconds!

Are you sending burglars an engraved invitation?

Safety planning starts with making your home a less attractive target for the burglar. Security Alarm Signs and Decals are a great deterrent even if you do not have an alarm system. So start by looking at your home from the viewpoint of a burglar. If you were the burglar driving down your street, would your home call out to him as an easy target? Are there easy ways into your home that are not noticeable to passers by? Do you have bushes that hide the view of a window or door? Are your windows locked? What about all the doors?

Entry Doors: All exterior doors should be 1 ¾ inch thick solid wood, metal, or composite material. Secure all entry doors with 1" deadbolts. Strike plates on most door jams are installed with ½ inch screws. Replace these with 3 inch long screws so that locked doors cannot be kicked in easily. Install Security Alarm Stickers on all doors and windows.

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Door Peephole: Install a wide-angle peephole viewer in exterior doors. This will allow you to safely identify visitors BEFORE opening the door. If you cannot see who is at the door, DO NOT open it.

Windows: Install pins in window frames to prevent them from being opened from the outside. Use a bar or similar device on sliding patio doors. Many of the primary locks can be easily defeated. Auxiliary window locks can be found at your local hardware dealer.

Install Timers: These can be set to turn lights/radios/televisions on and off intermittently to give the appearance that someone is home and may cause thieves to move on to the house with "no one home".

Exterior Lights: Install exterior lights shining on doors and windows. Some of these lights should be equipped with a motion-sensing switch, which automatically turns on a light when "body heat" and "motion" are both present.

Landscaping: Trim shrubs so entry doors and windows can be seen from the street. Shrubs should not provide a hiding place for burglars. Shrubs should be trimmed below porch and window level. Do not allow landscaping to create a burglar-friendly environment. Keep bushes and trees trimmed away from windows and entry points to avoid creating hiding places for burglars. Tree limbs should be trimmed to prevent access to upper floor windows or balconies. Plant thorny shrubbery near windows to discourage loitering or hiding. All outdoor foliage should be trimmed to prevent obstruction of exterior lighting and Security Yard Signs.

Privacy Fences: Make sure that your privacy fence does not provide cover for a burglar near a side window. Keep all gates and fences with good quality padlocks.


Safe Room: Prepare a bedroom or large closet for emergency use by installing a solid wood door with a good lock. A few items you may want to have in your safe room are a telephone, flashlight, portable siren or air horn, pepper spray, etc.


DOG: If you do not have a dog, consider getting one. A barking dog can frighten off even the boldest of burglars. Even if it is just a little ankle-biter, a dog can make enough noise to make the bad guy want to split the scene in a hurry.


Address: Make sure that your address is clearly visible from the street both day AND night. It is very frustrating and often increases the danger for all involved if emergency personnel cannot see your street address numbers when responding to help you. Well-lit house numbers and reflective paint with numbers on the curb at your driveway help a great deal.


Vacation: Advise a neighbor to remove newspapers and pick-up mail when you're on vacation or ask the Post Office and Newspaper to hold your deliveries.


Phone Numbers: Have all emergency phone numbers posted by your phone.


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